The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Automation BPA

business process automation

Over time, this will lead to hybrid companies, where work is partly done by BPA software and governed by humans. The still present global pandemic is causing more businesses to transform to a fully digital workplace. We now have what we can safely call ‘digital employees’, who complete most, if not all, their work on a screen. Business executives who already considered digital transformation before, have now seen the need to accelerate the process. An executives survey performed by McKinsey indicates that the acceleration of digitization and automation at 67% of all companies is propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • We deliver hardened solutions that make it easier for enterprises to work across platforms and environments, from the core datacenter to the network edge.
  • Establishing sound multi-cloud governance practices can mitigate challenges and enforce security.
  • The first BPA software was introduced in the 1960s, but it wasn’t widely adopted until some time later due to a lack of compatibility with other systems.

BPA is a means of automating recurring business processes through the use of software & different app integrations. Meaning, instead of having your employees to menial & simple tasks, you just let the software take care of it. Business process automation is the automation of business processes through technology, allowing businesses to cut costs and increase productivity. Hundreds of businesses, like Allianz, Deloitte, and Airbus, use this technology to design, automate, and enhance mission-critical business processes in order to accelerate digital transformation. In 2018 by Forrester, up to 22 percent of businesses still don’t have process excellence and workflow automation. These are critical aspects for customer satisfaction and growing revenue.

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Automation Anywhere empowers people whose ideas, thought and focus make the companies they work for great. We deliver the world’s most sophisticated Digital Workforce Platform making work more human by automating business processes and liberating people. Financial companies, departments, and professionals lose a lot of their time on mundane tasks like compiling data, tracking changes, and monitoring for potential problems. Business process automation and automation software can take the boring out of these business areas, so these professionals can focus on clients, decision-making, and using their expertise. Any business or organization that follows a process can benefit from business process automation. You can incorporate it early in the process, such as when dealing with vendors or purchase orders.

What does BPA mean in cyber security?

Business partnership agreements (BPA) are legal agreements between partners. This is a legal agreement that outlines the terms, conditions, and expectations between the partners. A service level agreement (SLA) is a negotiated agreement between two parties that outlines expectations of service.

Automation also has expedited the ability of ForwardLine borrowers to submit supporting documentation for loans, and has reduced loan approval time from three hours to under 45 minutes. Moreover, automation is well-suited for helping to review income and asset documents, which are often the source of fraud risk. AI can be used to detect inconsistencies and to identify information that borrowers may have been altered. This can range from undisclosed properties and hidden debts to bankruptcies and forged documents. On-premises and in the cloud deployment options are available with Webcon.

Benefits of using business process automation tools

They deploy a chatbot that directs simple customer questions to relevant help pages. For more complex customer needs, the chatbot gives users the option of staying on the chat or receiving an email. If the agent needs to involve additional team members, they can notify that team member and have the ticket transferred automatically.


The following decade, ERP business process automation emerged, mostly in the form of software that supported business processes in the form of providing digital databases. But BPA is not simply about streamlining or automating a process; it’s also an approach for taking data from back-end systems and self-serving it to the business to create processes. By creating new revenue opportunities and delivering new products and services, BPA helps companies to transform themselves into digital platforms and become enablers of digital transformation. Get input from key stakeholders on process steps to eliminate, optimize and automate. “Don’t pave the cow path” is another common saying in the process automation world.

How much will your organization benefit from automation?

The app creates a unique new hire portal and notifies the new employee via automated email. The new hire enters all the necessary information and upload forms on the portal page. You’ve probably encountered many examples of process automation, maybe without even realizing it.

  • When applied within a BPM practice, BPA can be used to continually monitor and improve process efficiencies.
  • The result of saving a few hours in different business operations adds up, significantly and allows companies to reduce their time-to-market.
  • In fact, BPA can automate entire workflows like audit, compliance, and data capture to a considerable extent, freeing up significant resources in the process.
  • For more complex customer needs, the chatbot gives users the option of staying on the chat or receiving an email.
  • Workflow automation technology can help take a few of these jobs off your plate and relieve some of the stress.

There is BPA software that gives companies the ability to see all the process steps on one dashboard, providing visibility into the status of process activities, from task reviews to the approval process. Business process automation is a powerful method of converting large chunks of unstructured data into automated reports that facilitate decision-making in various departments. For instance, consumer data that is often ignored can be leveraged to identify customer tastes and preferences and develop marketing and sales strategies. Similarly, BPA can also be used to set up employee analytics to capture data that helps evaluate an employee, team, or department’s performance.

What is a business process?

Automation improves document classification and data capture, and streamlines the lending process for loan officers and consumers. Mortgage process automation improves mortgage workflow transparency and user control for lenders, which translates into better decision-making. The key to success is implementing user-friendly technology that complements human-centric analysis, instead of replacing it. And here’s a kicker – the examples we mentioned above are just a handful. Chances are, whatever your business process is, it can be automated if it’s a) repetitive, and b) involves a series of predictable steps. Employee Onboarding– Whatever your industry is, you’ve probably done employee onboarding before.

How can business process automation software help my company?

Business process automation software can help your company in several ways:

Improve Efficiency & Accuracy: Automating repetitive tasks reduces human error and the need for manual effort and intervention, giving team members more time to focus on higher-value tasks. Increase Productivity: Automating business processes leads to faster completion of workflows without the need for manual effort to address issues and trigger processes.Reduce Cost: Automated business processes reduce labor costs by allowing resources to automate repetitive tasks and instead focus their existing staff on more complex tasks.Enhance Customer Experience: Proactive error identification and resolution helps ensure that customer SLAs are met and any issues are remediated before they can impact the business. Streamline Data Management: Automate your organization’s data analytics and reporting processes to more quickly deliver real-time data to the business and improve decision-making.

According to IBM, there is a strong correlation between businesses implementing BPA and higher-performance. Much of this increase in performance can be attributed to four key benefits of business process automation that every business enjoys. In fact, it was one of the major buzzwords of this decade, along with artificial intelligence, and Bitcoin.