Capping in PET Packaging

Ever since the PET became the medium for innovative mode of packaging various items, the mould making industry has attained new heights. Currently, PET has been the widely accepted mode of packaging for food and beverages including cooking oil, cosmetics and personal care items, pharmaceuticals, insecticides and industrial lubricants among others. Thus the demand for the products and services of cap closure mould manufacturer too has risen. These closure moulds are made in various designs. Depending on the technology in use, the range of cavity and the container, broadly these moulds are classified as follows:

  • Bumper off closure
  • Tamper proof closure
  • Flip top closure
  • Multi-material closure

For instance, Ashish Tools, the Noida-based blow moulds manufacturer in India designs and manufactures cap and closure mould for beverage industry. The moulds are optimised for high-speed, high cavitations, high-volume applications. The applications are for hot runners with cavity-to-cavity filling. As per PET technology, the tot runner undergoes melt channel sizing analysis where balance, shear rate and pressure drop touch are optimum.

Prompt attention needs to be paid to the injection process so as to reduce the cycle time. While designing the mould, as a provider of solutions to PET-based packaging, the engineers at Ashish Tools also keep in view aspects like weight optimisation for existing closures and new developments. Among the other products and services offered here are:

  • Preform PET mould
  • PET Blow mould
  • Cold Halves or components for moulds made by Husky, MHT, Otto Hofstetter, ASB Nissei, Aoki etc.
  • Hot Runner Spares
  • Components to change the weight in the existing mold
  • Varied cavities Hot Runner System
  • Manifold and Bridge Assembly
  • Flow Analysis

However, prior to designing the mould, the manufacturer must ensure high grade steel. The most preferred steel is of Japanese make with specific ratings like DIN1.2738 and DIN 1.2316. Further these are designed with an advanced technique named taper positioning for concentricity of the product.


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