Caps and Closures in PET Packaging

The success of a PET packaging unit depends on the quality of the moulding facilities provided by the manufacturer of the system. The ultimate utility of the bottle or jar is proven by the superior properties in the caps and closures. These should possess high standards in terms of being leakage and pilfer proof. This is ensured when the cap closure mould manufacturer is of repute.

Such a company should have top class infrastructure for design and development of wide range of perfect PET moulds for the caps and closures to suit various patterns of the moulded packing containers. The moulds need to possess optimum properties for high-speed, high cavitations, high-volume applications. The hot runners need to be balanced for consistency in cavity-to-cavity filling. This is vital since a hot runner undergoes melt channel sizing analysis where balance, shear rate and pressure drop are optimized.

For quality cap mould manufacturer India has several companies with global recognition including ISO and allied certifications for their products and services. For instance, the Delhi NCR-based Ashish Tools has in-house R&D as well as quality control laboratories in dust-free environment for the design and production of such moulds.

As part of its services, technicians from the buyer bottling unit are trained in proper operation and maintenance of the moulds and also the processing machines. Some of the highlights of the products from this company are:

  • Made from high grade steel imported DIN1.2738 and DIN 1.2316 Japanese steel
  • Design of the cap moulds are as per advanced taper positioning technology to ensure concentricity
  • Weight optimisation for existing closures with scope for innovative developments

Most of the moulds are customised in tune with the machine on which it is to be operated. As such the mould cavity and the process of surface finish including the mode of heat treatment of the finished product are of utmost significance.

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