Bridging the Gap between Cultures: Cross-Cultural Communication

Another problem that Scott raises with service learning is that it may end up focusing on personal growth. Personal growth isn’t a bad thing, but it narrows the value of the learning to one’s self instead of the larger community in which that growth occurs. When I read this, I immediately recalled the concept of “the white man’s burden”, the colonial-era notion that we Westerners are somehow superior to those over whom we exert power and can thus improve them if only we can make them emulate us.

  • For instance, when leaders learn to coach, ask questions, and listen, then they begin to see their job as developing people to solve their own problems.
  • This way, you can avoid making assumptions about the person’s wants or needs.
  • In the process, she deals realistically with the problems and misunderstandings that arise between Mexican and U.S. managers and demonstrates clearly how simple but hard-to-achieve changes in attitude and style can resolve them.
  • For example, in some places, they believe in ghosts, while in others they don’t.

ConceptNet 3 is presented, which improves the acquisition of new knowledge in ConceptNet and facilitates turning edges of the network back into natural language, and it is shown how its modular design helps it adapt to different data sets and languages. Toward the end of their second meeting on the culture initiative, Sandra asked Andrew who else he was speaking with on the matter, and wondered if he had arranged to touch base with the company’s AILs. Andrew confessed that he had mainly stuck with the C-suite and a few HR reps. “It’s really new territory, to be honest, to take advice from someone I don’t know, about my own company,” Andrew said. To address the issue, the leaders deployed the beautiful mess effect. They visited the regional banks and spoke frankly, not about what they believed the local sites needed to change, but about their own setbacks and failures. After some initial discomfort, leaders found that sharing their stories aided in creating bonds with their frontline workers, and helped those employees’ fears dissipate. Over the course of the next few months, the surviving siblings learned that every one of them had been infected with hepatitis B, probably from their mother at birth.

Closing the Culture Gap

When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. Today, it’s just as easy to talk to a colleague in China as it is to talk to a colleague who just left the office for lunch. However, that doesn’t mean that your interactions with the Chinese colleague should be the same as with your American colleague.

Can Common Sense uncover cultural differences in computer applications?

In short, students are forced to focus on satisfying their immediate needs rather than thinking more deeply about the situation and whether and how it should be changed. I’m not sure that this is a revelation to practitioners—we are keenly aware of how unreasonable workloads and deadlines can lead to a rigid and narrow focus on simply getting the writing done, no matter how poorly. But it’s an important reminder to us that even under deadline pressure, we should never forget the needs of our audience.

If you’re working in a diverse team, cross-cultural communication can vary in terms of showing emotion, and collaboration can be affected depending on the behavior of the individual. In some cultures, showing emotion is a sign of enthusiasm, while in others it can be perceived as a lack of stability and seriousness. In some cultures, empathy is shown, while in others it’s considered a weakness. In some cultures, there are differences in communication behavior between siblings depending on age and gender, sometimes reflected in local language and even body language. Each person has an assigned status in the family (e.g., some people are leaders, others are educators, etc.), while in other cultures each person can decide for himself or herself. Understanding cultural differences can help improve communication and foster a better working relationship. By clarifying any misunderstandings or awkwardness, you can ensure that both parties are on the same page and achieve their goals more smoothly.

Avoid words that require a dictionary when communicating cross-culturally. Teachers should consider personalizing the content by using the places, locations, and names familiar to students or using analogies to relate new concepts to experiences within students’ backgrounds. Ladson-Billings and Moll and colleagues found that students’ academic performance is strengthened when students’ community knowledge is tapped. Denise Pirrotti Hummel, CEO of cross-cultural advisory firm Universal Consensus, says that while acceptable personal space in a business meeting in the U.S. is 2.5 feet, every culture has its own acceptable space proximity. You spent years in grade school learning all the grammar and intricacies of English. Why spend more time learning a whole new language—especially when so much of the world speaks English already? Well, the fact that almost everyone can already speak English makes learning a foreign language all the more impressive.

So we have or growing up, we had way more perspective and influence just cultural, American cultural influence. Like you were surrounded by other Filipinos in the Philippines who are all the same way. But then I go; I grew up going to like an American school with all of these different cultures and different kids with different backgrounds. God will provide you all the things that you need and you will also be successful in, in later part of your life. This preview is partially blurred.Sign upto view the complete essay. Full text search our database of 176,600 titles for Cultural Gap to find related research papers. In both China and Japan, the education system normally usually uses exams to show a student’s ability.

Art and music also have other benefits for our creativity and mental health. Not only do art and music bring people together, but they can also increase productivity. Art and music are universal languages that transcend cultural barriers. Food festivals are often places where people interact with pleasure, and they’re a great way to promote cultural exchange. Being mindful and learning about the culture of others can make a positive difference. We talk about things we like, are familiar with, and are emotionally safe. However, avoiding topics of conversation is also a way to avoid understanding and empathy.