Import Global Quality Preform Moulds from India

We should really be very much thankful towards polymer engineers and scientists, as the PET has emerged as one of the most trendy and globally accepted phenomenon for the effective and unfailing making of both edible and non edible products. However, it is also logical to mention that the quality standards of the whole process depends upon the preform moulds used.

Manufacturing moulds with hundred percent accuracy and precision

As far as the top manufacturers of preform moulds in Asia are concerned, Ashish tools is one of the leading Asian giant that is based in Noida which is a part of the National Capital Region of India. The company has come a long way in designing and manufacturing moulds with hundred percent accuracy and precision backed by superfine sturdiness and excellent operational efficiency. The range of preforms is made at Ashish Tools under highly strict and quality control conditions to deliver world-class performance on all parameters. The well-stocked and techno-ready laboratory at the company makes sure that all the products live up to the international quality standards with absolute performing efficiency with availability of multiple categories. Read more

World Class Pet Preform Moulds from India

Thanks to polymer scientist and engineers, the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has ushered a new era in the packaging of both and non-edible products. However, the overall quality of packaging depends on the PET preform molds inserts, particularly the ones produced on the globally well known Husky brand systems. These are H-PET Injection Moulding machines.

Apart from the high grade steel usually imported from Japan or Sweden, the other yardsticks to ascertain the superior quality of a preform mould are –

  • Low Preform eccentricity, not more than 0.1/0.2mm
  • Low I.V. (Intrinsic Viscosity Loss) Loss
  • Low weight variation between cavities, less than +/-0.2 gm
  • Excellent Perpendicularity
  • Low Preform temperature at exit to avoid scratches on Preform
  • Smooth finish
  • Flash free
  • Accurate Thread Finish for better Closure Fitting
  • Uniformity in Wall Thickness with high clarity
  • Dust Free
  • Almost Zero ‘AA’ level, suitable for beverages

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