Growing PET Industry in India

Though the Indian economy faced a meltdown during the inflation of 2009, it after regaining its strength has shown a tremendous advancement in all the sectors of economy. One such sector to grow out big is Plastics. Growing at a rate of 13 per cent, the industry that serves almost every other sector of Indian is expected to maintain its double digit growth in the coming years as well.

Studies show that India alone is growing market for plastics and consumer of about 11 million tons against global consumption of 275 million tons per year. The consumption should increase to 16 million tons by 2020. This means that the use of plastics will tremendously increase giving opportunity to manufacturers to step into this field of production.

Opportunities for expansion:

  • Flexible PET packaging: with increase in the FMCG products, there has been a prominent rise in demand for flexible PET packaging.
  • Blow Molders: Carbonated Soft Drinks industry is the largest consumer of PET bottle moulds produced out of blow molds. With an ever increasing demand for carbonated drinks in India, advancement has also taken place in the Pet mould producing industries.
  • Ancillary Industries: with a well known fact that growth of one industry leads to the growth of its ancillaries as well, the growth of the plastic industry has caused a cascading effect on its ancillary units as well, benefiting all.

Industries that offer promising growth to PET Preform manufacturers:

  • Beverages: Beverages industry is one of the largest consumer plastics. The production of high-quality PET bottles has driven all beverage manufacturers to become a sucker for plastic bottles.
  • Food: increasingly using PET containers for storing perishable and non-perishable items, Food also stands in the list of industries that promise a growth to the Plastics.
  • Medicines: It is one of the oldest industries to use plastic bottles for storing medicines. It now has created demand for high-density PET, glass like finish and top quality bottles for storing specific drugs, pushing manufacturers to produce such items and hence leading to versatility of Plastic industry.
  • Household Chemicals: Surface cleaners, dishwashers, disinfectants and toilet cleaners capture a large market share. These have shifted from using conventional storing methods to opting for PET containers for storage and increasing the product’s credibility.

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