Moulds for Better Shelf Life of PET Bottles

With the worldwide acceptance of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) as am apt medium for packaging filtered or mineral water, assorted beverages, syrups and sauces, edible oils, cosmetics, items of personal care, detergents etc. the manufacturers of these desire that their products should lure the consumers. Such hopes could become fruitful Preform Moulds when the bottles or jars in which they are packed have better shelf life. And this is achieved when high quality preform moulds are used for the PET containers.

There are several factors which denote and determine the quality of the moulds, irrespective of their weight, neck size, range of cavitations and the ultimate applications. To cite an instance, reputed manufacturers like the Delhi NCR based Ashish Tools lay utmost stress on these aspects in the design and manufacture of PET preform hot runner moulds:

  • Imported high grade mould stainless steel
  • Chrome-free
  • Coil Heaters
  • Hard mold cavity/core
  • Long service life, over 2.5 million shots
  • Provision for inter-changeable mold components
  • Balanced multi-Layer hot runner

As for quality PET Preforms, the prime focus will be on

    • Gate-free preform with valve gate sealing system
    • Least possible IV (intrinsic viscosity) loss
    • Lowest preform eccentricity, not exceeding margin of 0.1mm.
    • High rated perpendicular characteristics
    • Low weight variation in cavities, less than +/-0.2g
    • Least Acetaldehyde AA level
    • Low preform temperature range at exit to avoid preform scratches

With precision, the hot runner system is designed with capability to gain ideal and prompt heating effect for preform production. Such a hot runner system reduces the wear and tear of each mould as well as maintenance cost besides saving at least 15% electricity while in operation. The hydraulic ejection technique ensures quiet and also long service life of highest possible rating in terms of shots.

Thus the PET bottles and jars made with the aid of such moulds have an enhanced shelf life.

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