New wave to meet consumerism

With the advent of consumerism taking hold over the market, customers’ priorities are taken care of in first place. Several industrial segments especially the PET plastic manufacturing sector too have steered its manufacturing keeping customer’s preferences first. To design plastic bottles, containers in a way that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle, use are the determinant factors that decide the fate of Plastic manufacturing industry.

Conventionally, plastic bottle producers faced tough times and many challenges while designing especially while manufacturing bottles, containers with complex, intricate contours. Research and development in the technology has led to overcome these challenges. To deliver satisfactory results, PET Preform manufacturers came up with the technique of blow molding.

A blow moulding machine help in devising hollow plastic containers, bottles through integration of several process like, stretching, extrusion, plastic injection molding. The process involves heating and melting the PVC, polythene or any other type of plastic before initiating molding process. The melted plastic is then transferred in the hollowed tube-like structures. Compressed air is infused in the hollow tubes in order to give the molten plastic the desired shape.

Thereafter, the process begins by feeding plastic granules to the storage compartment. The container is embedded with motorized threads meant to rotate and compartmentalize granules as well. The granules embedded compartments are exposed to heat to melt the granules. Melted granules are transferred to the blow mold. The mold is then exposed to extreme heat, air pressure to give it the needed shape.

The process is time saving and gives precision to the designed molds. Effective in plastic molding, blow molds are a good alternative to injection molding that is more laborious. The process is both hassle free and a perfect choice for mass production. Dimensional accuracy, more novel designs and a freedom to choose and experiment with shapes and sizes, blow molding has been the choice of the leading PET molds manufactures across the globe.

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