Precision Dies and Moulds ensure Profits

Reportedly, an expert in packaging technology of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) had opined that this is a rare Indian company that has religiously adhered to their corporate mottos. Yes, he was referring to the Delhi NCR-based Ashish Tools whose tag reads ‘Mold a Profitable Future with Us’ and this company is among the leading designer and manufacturer of PET Preform Dies in the country.

The specific range of products and turnkey services offered by this company at its state-of-the-art unit at Noida has earned almost eternal goodwill from the users at home as well as abroad, in nearly two dozen countries. As for PET Preform Molds and Dies of precision and accuracy, this company has created a niche in the arena of packaging industry. In the British English language, the mold is spelt as a mould.

The company’s management has attributed these remarkable achievements to its team of committed and highly qualified expert engineers and technicians. Its Tool Room is equipped with the latest CAD systems while the manufacturing wing boasts of facilities for utmost superior quality of both mould base and inserts.

Apart from assembling and giving final touches to these devices in dustproof atmosphere, they are also tested at random in their production line for their functional aspects to ensure complete satisfaction to the end-users.

Over the past two and half decades, the company has mastered the techniques of making PET mould with neck sizes ranging from 12 to 150 millimetres and the preforms ranging from 6 gms to 720gms and neck sizes from 12mm to 150mm. Company has successfully designed and developed Preform Moulds up to 72 cavitations at its complete in-house manufacturing facility.

Another notable asset in the production line of Ashish Tools is the in-house quality testing centre with that is equipped with resources like a 250 tonnes Injection Moulding Machine and allied systems to conduct Preform/Bottle Testing, 3-D Profile Projectors for in-process checks and random end-product testing.

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