Scientific Injection Molding is a Breakthrough

There has been increase in the demand of dimensionally stable and accurate parts/components in the medical sector using PET bottle moulds. Many medical components have checked the developments in injection molding and strive to incorporate it manufacturing precise medical equipment. Tight tolerance of the mould walls, dimensionally correct measurements of the equipment are a few characteristics that needs to be taken care of while designing molds particularly for medical sector. The Scientific Injection Molding (SIM) is the solution to all the measurement related problems while mould making.

The SIM technique strives to make the most of the recent pet preform injection moulding machine in India and their procedures. The technique of scientific injection molding can be easily worked with thermoplastic materials, unconventional materials like silicon, rubber, thermoset plastics etc. The SIM is not a fixed process and is highly variable, and is dependent upon the nature of the device to be manufactured. The tweaking of the present injection molding practices has evolved the technique all the more. However, manufacturing robust SIM is a time taking process and elevates the need of process engineers to take following factors into consideration:

  1. Mould design/construction
  2. Part design and development
  3. Process parameters like mold temperature, its injection speed, melting hold pressure, and cooling time
  4. Molding machinery at work
  5. The nature, viscosity of the material to be used

The SIM and lean manufacturers are related in many ways. Major industrial players, especially the ones who believe in lean manufacturing, scientific injection molding is a regular practice, more than a culture. Lean manufacturing and SIM is related as they both focus on eliminating wastage, reducing downtime, excess raw material, etc while reducing the overall cost. Scientific injection molding is a data driven approach based on deep analysis of the prevailing molding process. This is the reason by major PET Preform manufactures are adopting the technique.

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