Capping in PET Packaging

Ever since the PET became the medium for innovative mode of packaging various items, the mould making industry has attained new heights. Currently, PET has been the widely accepted mode of packaging for food and beverages including cooking oil, cosmetics and personal care items, pharmaceuticals, insecticides and industrial lubricants among others. Thus the demand for the products and services of cap closure mould manufacturer too has risen. These closure moulds are made in various designs. Depending on the technology in use, the range of cavity and the container, broadly these moulds are classified as follows:

  • Bumper off closure
  • Tamper proof closure
  • Flip top closure
  • Multi-material closure

For instance, Ashish Tools, the Noida-based blow moulds manufacturer in India designs and manufactures cap and closure mould for beverage industry. The moulds are optimised for high-speed, high cavitations, high-volume applications. The applications are for hot runners with cavity-to-cavity filling. As per PET technology, the tot runner undergoes melt channel sizing analysis where balance, shear rate and pressure drop touch are optimum.

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Growing PET Industry in India

Though the Indian economy faced a meltdown during the inflation of 2009, it after regaining its strength has shown a tremendous advancement in all the sectors of economy. One such sector to grow out big is Plastics. Growing at a rate of 13 per cent, the industry that serves almost every other sector of Indian is expected to maintain its double digit growth in the coming years as well.

Studies show that India alone is growing market for plastics and consumer of about 11 million tons against global consumption of 275 million tons per year. The consumption should increase to 16 million tons by 2020. This means that the use of plastics will tremendously increase giving opportunity to manufacturers to step into this field of production.

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Scientific Injection Molding is a Breakthrough

There has been increase in the demand of dimensionally stable and accurate parts/components in the medical sector using PET bottle moulds. Many medical components have checked the developments in injection molding and strive to incorporate it manufacturing precise medical equipment. Tight tolerance of the mould walls, dimensionally correct measurements of the equipment are a few characteristics that needs to be taken care of while designing molds particularly for medical sector. The Scientific Injection Molding (SIM) is the solution to all the measurement related problems while mould making.

The SIM technique strives to make the most of the recent pet preform injection moulding machine in India and their procedures. The technique of scientific injection molding can be easily worked with thermoplastic materials, unconventional materials like silicon, rubber, thermoset plastics etc. The SIM is not a fixed process and is highly variable, and is dependent upon the nature of the device to be manufactured. The tweaking of the present injection molding practices has evolved the technique all the more. However, manufacturing robust SIM is a time taking process and elevates the need of process engineers to take following factors into consideration:

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How hot runner system reduces cost?

A hot runner system is an integration of heated components used primarily in plastic injection molds. It helps inject molten plastic into the hollow cavities of the mold. Where as, a cold runner system is simply a channel in between the two halves of the mold, designed to carry plastic from the injection molding machine to the cavities.

Every time the mold opens up to eject the newly formed plastic parts, the runner material is ejected too. This result in the wastage of the plastic deployed. On the contrary, a hot runner system includes a heated manifold. The primary purpose of the heated manifold is to allocate the plastic entering in the mold to the various nozzles and measure the injection points in the cavities.   Read more

New wave to meet consumerism

With the advent of consumerism taking hold over the market, customers’ priorities are taken care of in first place. Several industrial segments especially the PET plastic manufacturing sector too have steered its manufacturing keeping customer’s preferences first. To design plastic bottles, containers in a way that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle, use are the determinant factors that decide the fate of Plastic manufacturing industry.

Conventionally, plastic bottle producers faced tough times and many challenges while designing especially while manufacturing bottles, containers with complex, intricate contours. Research and development in the technology has led to overcome these challenges. To deliver satisfactory results, PET Preform manufacturers came up with the technique of blow molding.

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Which technique is mold manufacturers first choice?

What makes Injection molding manufactures’ favorite?

The concept of Injection molding has been the most favored technology in determining the industry of mould manufacturer in India. It is one of the easily applied and widely used techniques of mold-making and designing plastic parts, contours across varied dimensions. Furthermore the popularity of injection molding has spiraled up due to its efficiency to design mass production with much ease and perfection.

With technological leaps and advances the science of injection molding has witnessed great change. At present, the technological developments in injection molding allow the plastic manufacturers to substitute the conventional material, thereby helping in lowering down an end product’s weight and giving them freedom of design.

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