Preform mold manufacturing goes handy

Due to cut-throat competition, the style and patterns of different types of containers are being introduced with every passing day in the market around.  The designs of pet preform molds and dies are being changed at a rapid pace by those who wish to survive in the market, and to make their product range more and more alluring and attractive. The preform molds have unquestionably become a prerequisite to carry out the chain of operations of plastic items and containers.

With the continual advancement in engineering and technology, an entrepreneur can very easily navigate through a couple of moulding machines and other paraphernalia for plastic molds Cap. By purchasing a machine, a pool of experts can smoothly produce a wide range of superior quality molds with regard to the ultimate finishing techniques. Read more

Growth Signs for PET Industry in India and World

By and large, the growth prospects for plastic processing industry in India for the period 2014-2015 that the Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET) had projected have been achieved. Segment-wise, this forecast had predicted installation of additional 40,800 units of processing machinery:

  • Injection Moulding     –           26,700
  • Blow moulding           –           3,900
  • Extrusion                     –           10,200
  • Total                            –           40,800

Simultaneously, the demand for preform moulds too would have increased manifold. No wonder, delegates at the Conference of PLAST INDIA 2015 held at Gandhinagar in Gujarat in early February this year focussed on technological upgradation in the industry. Thus they discussed advanced materials and Applications for engineering and high temperature applications, technological innovations and emerging new opportunities in the field of packaging. Read more