Top Quality Package Deals in PET Packaging

Presently, the modes of packaging thousands of edible and non-edible items are based on PET (polyethylene terephthalate) technology in which plastic injection molds give the shape and size of the desired container, be it the bottle or a jar. This is enabled by the hot runner systems that happen to be complex of heated components regulating the injection of the material in the cavities.

The concept of hot runner systems was initially developed during early 60s but gained popularity three decades later. One of the reasons for such delayed implication was the notion about PET containers not being environment friendly until scientists proved that PET is a recyclable material. Above all, the users realised that the hot runner systems are very cost effective and economical in the long run.

However, only specialised companies with a thorough knowledge of technical know-how and backed by capable engineers can design, development and manufacture these systems. To cite an example, the Delhi NCR-based Ashish Tools has made a name for itself in providing these services to clients in India as well as abroad. With its expertise, it has proved its mettle in the highly competitive market on a successful note. These systems of variable cavity capacities have ensured the end-users -

  • Increased rate of production
  • Achievement of superior quality in the products
  • Drastic reduction in the cost of moulds
  • Delivery of quality products in briefest possible time
  • Longer life of the moulds with no compromise in durability and reliability

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company for consistency in retaining top quality this company has been rendering turnkey services in the segment of injection moulding machine. This includes thorough analysis of the customer’s needs, computer aided design of moulds and other components, production using top grade imported steel, commissioning of the system as well as training of the personnel in preventive maintenance, trouble shooting and refurbishment of moulds.

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